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Construction dump truck set includes a friction powered heavy duty dump truck, traffic light lamp with base, traffic camera w/base, and 5 traffic signs

LIGHT & SOUND: At the press of a button above the cab, the toy truck flash its headlights and make realistic sounds of horn, engine & reverse; dumper measures 11.4in. long, 4.9in. wide and 5.5in. tall GLOWING TRAFFIC ACCESSORIES: Featuring 3 different colors of lights-red, yellow & green, push a button on the base to activate the traffic light lamp (5.9’’ tall)

FLASHING LIGHT CAMERA: Pretend to snap a picture, just activate the traffic camera by pressing and it will make a click sound with a flashing light effect (5.9’’ tall)

MINIATURE TOY CONSTRUCTION SIGNS: Includes traffic cone, stop, caution, and road signs; great to use with transportation toys, a fun way to learn what the different traffic signs mean to driver and pedestrian

Dump Truck with Street signs

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